• Guest: hi
  • Guest: this is cooked
  • Riddlewot: site functionality is slowly coming back online, unfortunately any existing user accounts will need to reset their password.
  • Riddlewot: hang in there guys, we're getting there..... :)
  • Guest: I'm tired lol.
  • Riddlewot: me too buddy, me too
  • Guest: This is actually pretty cool, looking forward to seeing the final results once all the bugs are ironed out...
  • Izumu: This website is amazing
  • Riddlewot: what the
  • Innocuous: You've kicked the colors up, very tech looking
  • Riddlewot: Private message functionality is currently being restored. I personally love the front page now, the "counter" for users trying to solve todays riddle is in real-time and the log beneath is live too, it make the page feel a bit more alive.
  • riddleNOT: wow this is cool, reminds me of when websites used to be fun
  • Innocuous: I see the counter. I solved the FP a couple days ago, and just ran it again and both counters are still zero. What criteria are you implementing to toggle the counters? I assume up arrow for solved and down arrow for failed attempts. Congratulations on the many site improvements, now we need some more users!
  • Riddlewot: Just a heads up Innocuous, you may need to log out and log back in for your admin privileges to work, had to change a few things in the back ground
  • Riddlewot: still working on getting the private messaging back up.....
  • Innocuous: No worries, RW. I've been in and out twice for the password update
  • Innocuous: I just updated the front page to the configuration I recall reading it as before it was approved. We haven't had "fill in the blanks" for years but it provided a good hint as the word or phrase would be a known number of letters.
  • Riddlewot: no worries, I trust your judgement :)
  • Riddlewot: Seems like our new AI powered riddle generator is getting some use!
  • Innocuous: I'm going to check it out when the boss isn't looking :D
  • Riddlewot: no sure if you noticed, but under settings, you can completely turn off advertising
  • Innocuous: Just checked it out! I need some more uninterrupted time to learn about the site
  • Guest: Hi
  • Riddlewot: hi
  • Innocuous: Please consider today's front page to NOT be innuendo :)
  • Riddlewot: haha, I saw that... wasn't sure if I should let it go.... but meh
  • Riddlewot: private messages are working too by the way, just click profile > messages... I just haven't implemented the notification yet sorry!
  • Innocuous: Users, the current front page is plural despite all the "it" references. Take your best guess and add a letter "s" and perhaps you will put this riddle to rest
  • Pres333: How do I get more credits
  • Riddlewot: for the riddle generator?
  • jimmbam: hello fellow riddlers!
  • Innocuous: Howdy ***, jimmbam!
  • Innocuous: OMG the "word" made by the letters "h" and "o" combined is censored! I now understand why, but so much for Mr. Hankey quotes!
  • Innocuous: RiddleWot users, the current FP would normally be a single word, in this case preceeded by an article, in American English anyway. SO think of the solution to this riddle as one word.
  • Riddlewot: too be fair, h-o and h-o-e are two completely different meanings...
  • Riddlewot: I might check the word filter list :)
  • Riddlewot: emoticons should work now! 🙂
  • Riddlewot: and you can say ho
  • Chimpoo: Hi
  • Riddlewot: Hey there! long time no chat... I finally took the time to recode the site properly.
  • Innocuous: Santa and Mr. Hankey will be so pleased! Ho Ho Ho!
  • Innocuous: Seeing you on is like watching the return of Jeapordy champions, Chimpoo. Good to see you back.
  • Riddlewot: howwwwwdy hoooo 🌈
  • Innocuous: Golly pal, you sure smell alot like flowers...


Riddlewot 1 day ago

*email functionality has been restored*

Dear Valued Users,

We would like to bring to your attention that our current mailing system has exceeded its daily limit of 10,000 emails. As a result, the system has been restricted, which unfortunately means that newly registered users will not receive their activation emails, and existing users will be unable to reset their passwords until the situation is rectified.

We would like to extend our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused by this situation. Please rest assured that our team is working diligently to address this issue and ensure that it does not happen again.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Riddlewot 1 week ago

Great job everyone, we're almost there! We've been putting in a lot of hard work to ensure that the website is running smoothly. Although we're confident that we've resolved all the issues, we're always here to assist you if you face any problems - no matter how big or small. So sit back, relax and let's have some fun solving the riddles!

Riddlewot 2 weeks ago

Most functionality has been restored, there is still a few bugs and some pages to update but the core experience should all be operation. Thank you for your patience during this migration period.