• Guest: hi
  • Guest: this is cooked
  • Riddlewot: site functionality is slowly coming back online, unfortunately any existing user accounts will need to reset their password.
  • Riddlewot: hang in there guys, we're getting there..... :)
  • Guest: I'm tired lol.
  • Riddlewot: me too buddy, me too
  • Guest: This is actually pretty cool, looking forward to seeing the final results once all the bugs are ironed out...
  • Izumu: This website is amazing
  • Riddlewot: what the
  • Innocuous: You've kicked the colors up, very tech looking
  • Riddlewot: Private message functionality is currently being restored. I personally love the front page now, the "counter" for users trying to solve todays riddle is in real-time and the log beneath is live too, it make the page feel a bit more alive.
  • riddleNOT: wow this is cool, reminds me of when websites used to be fun
  • Innocuous: I see the counter. I solved the FP a couple days ago, and just ran it again and both counters are still zero. What criteria are you implementing to toggle the counters? I assume up arrow for solved and down arrow for failed attempts. Congratulations on the many site improvements, now we need some more users!
  • Riddlewot: Just a heads up Innocuous, you may need to log out and log back in for your admin privileges to work, had to change a few things in the back ground
  • Riddlewot: still working on getting the private messaging back up.....
  • Innocuous: No worries, RW. I've been in and out twice for the password update
  • Innocuous: I just updated the front page to the configuration I recall reading it as before it was approved. We haven't had "fill in the blanks" for years but it provided a good hint as the word or phrase would be a known number of letters.
  • Riddlewot: no worries, I trust your judgement :)
  • Riddlewot: Seems like our new AI powered riddle generator is getting some use!
  • Innocuous: I'm going to check it out when the boss isn't looking :D
  • Riddlewot: no sure if you noticed, but under settings, you can completely turn off advertising
  • Innocuous: Just checked it out! I need some more uninterrupted time to learn about the site
  • Guest: Hi
  • Riddlewot: hi
  • Innocuous: Please consider today's front page to NOT be innuendo :)
  • Riddlewot: haha, I saw that... wasn't sure if I should let it go.... but meh
  • Riddlewot: private messages are working too by the way, just click profile > messages... I just haven't implemented the notification yet sorry!
  • Innocuous: Users, the current front page is plural despite all the "it" references. Take your best guess and add a letter "s" and perhaps you will put this riddle to rest
  • Pres333: How do I get more credits
  • Riddlewot: for the riddle generator?
  • jimmbam: hello fellow riddlers!
  • Innocuous: Howdy ***, jimmbam!
  • Innocuous: OMG the "word" made by the letters "h" and "o" combined is censored! I now understand why, but so much for Mr. Hankey quotes!
  • Innocuous: RiddleWot users, the current FP would normally be a single word, in this case preceeded by an article, in American English anyway. SO think of the solution to this riddle as one word.
  • Riddlewot: too be fair, h-o and h-o-e are two completely different meanings...
  • Riddlewot: I might check the word filter list :)
  • Riddlewot: emoticons should work now! 🙂
  • Riddlewot: and you can say ho
  • Chimpoo: Hi
  • Riddlewot: Hey there! long time no chat... I finally took the time to recode the site properly.
  • Innocuous: Santa and Mr. Hankey will be so pleased! Ho Ho Ho!
  • Innocuous: Seeing you on is like watching the return of Jeapordy champions, Chimpoo. Good to see you back.
  • Riddlewot: howwwwwdy hoooo 🌈
  • Innocuous: Golly pal, you sure smell alot like flowers...
  • Riddlewot: let me add in a flower emoticon :flowers:
  • Riddlewot: 🌸
  • Riddlewot: :flowers:
  • Riddlewot: 🌺
  • Riddlewot: nice
  • Mouse: hi
  • Riddlewot: Hi mouse, nice to meet you!
  • natediaz: Hi people
  • Riddlewot: 🌺
  • scissorhands: mr hankey the xmas ***
  • Riddlewot: poo
  • Innocuous: Nothing like some classic South Park to start the day!
  • Riddlewot: Team America has so many good lines.... really is an overlooked masterpiece
  • Innocuous: I used to watch Gerry and Sylvia Anderson series (Supercar, Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds, etc) in Western Massachusetts USA where I grew up. Anime such as Kimba the White Lion and Astroboy were rarely shown, more Western US distribution apparently. Regardless, Trey Parker and Matt Stone owe a debt of inpsiration to the Andersons.
  • petacormackphot: Hi everyone I'm an author and I'm looking for a very special riddle or two riddles actually possibly three and I was wondering if I could get some help as I'm completely useless at riddles
  • petacormackphot: well budding author I should say
  • petacormackphot: One situation has the serial killer being framed by two people who are cutting out cadavers additional home and selling body parts on the black market and try to hide it when they found out by making it look like it's them and I need a riddle to put on the body basically saying that they were liars and they tried to pin it on him and so he got his pay back/revenge
  • Riddlewot: lol ummmmmmmmmm
  • Riddlewot: is this a riddle or a crime?
  • Riddlewot: I'll see what I can come up with 🙂
  • Riddlewot: @petacormackphot Ok sent you a private message
  • Riddlewot: @petacormackphot I've also made some adjustments to the riddle generator AI prompt so you should start seeing much better responses. I'll also top your account up with another 10,000 credits
  • Riddlewot: Welcome to all our new users, we hope you enjoy your time here. 🙂
  • Guest: Hi, this is Innocuous. I'm not getting PW reset links and cannot access my account accordingly.
  • Riddlewot: OK will look into it now for you
  • Riddlewot: Hmm so I've confirmed the reset password emails have been sent and can't see any errors. Have you checked your junk or spam folders??
  • Guest: I thought I had... i've been associated with RW for years on the same gmail but who knows?
  • Riddlewot: is your email still rcpa********@gmail.com
  • Innocuous: Yes and I am back in! Thanks for your help RW
  • Innocuous: It was in the spam folder, both my request yesterday and my followup today. I think the delay was on gmail.
  • Eva: Hi if we guess incorrectly can we see the answer to the daily riddle?
  • Riddlewot: @Eva, at the end of the day, the daily riddle will be moved to the "latest riddles" section, you can then turn on the "reveal answers" option, which is found under settings.
  • Eva: Thank you!
  • BROOKLYN1112: hi
  • BROOKLYN1112: your welcome
  • BROOKLYN1112: hello
  • teshawnbeatz757: hi
  • BROOKLYN1112: how are you
  • Innocuous: we are good
  • Riddlewot: hi
  • Innocuous: Attention Riddlewot users! Todays FP is a three word noun beginning with the indefinite article "A".
  • Innocuous: The answer is not case sensitive. A (space) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (space) _ _ _ _ as a fill in the blanks hint. When I first joined RiddleWOT, the "fill in the blanks" was part of the displayed riddle 🙂
  • Innocuous: For those of you who are grammatically challenged, another hint: "I have "a" piece of fish"
  • Innocuous: Todays FP is two words, the first is the definite article "the"
  • Guest: i cant believe they did away with the leaderboard. top 40 in my highschool days.
  • Innocuous: I miss it too. Big battle between Chimpoo and a woman whose handle I cannot remember. Perhaps that data is still around
  • Riddlewot: The leaderboard went off solved riddles which can easily be reintroduced.... with the nature of the site now being able to reveal the answers though, it seemed a little unfair... but if people want it back, happy to oblige.
  • Innocuous: Good point RW. Could answers be accessed in a manner that it would not toggle a correct response tally?
  • lcfrd: I'm sorry to say I lost interest in the site when 1) the leaderboard, 2) the ability to view the entire list of user submitted riddles, sorted by date, and 3) the ability to view/hide the riddles you've already solved all disappeared. I enjoyed the competitiveness of getting to the top spot on the leaderboard and I really liked going back to the oldest riddles I'd been stuck on for months because one day they would just click. I keep popping in every now and then to see how the site has changed but I miss how it used to be. I'm glad it's still going though!
  • Innocuous: And without the leaderboard I forgot your handle! Welcome back, LCFRD! Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the greatest RW solver ever!
  • Riddlewot: I totally get the frustration lcfrd... it's been very challenging to balance the site for existing users and to retain new ones... most users just want the answer to a riddle and if we don't show it they leave and we never see them again....
  • CREAM1111222233: hello
  • Guest: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • pHqghUme: e
  • Riddlewot: coool
  • Riddlewot: /ban pHqghUme
  • Lord-Death: do you have to pay to get more riddle generations in the riddle generator and do they points regenerate?
  • rvargashonorato: hola
  • Izumu: hi
  • Guest: Any ideas? A concept that refines, can be manipulated and used for any other. An endless but undefined process that has eternal possibilities found with it's own. Symbolism when shorter has it's own definition. Apparently it is 3 words?
  • Guest: Hello
  • Guest: I need to solve this riddle Ripped from my mother's womb. Beaten and burned, I become a blood thirsty killer.
  • Guest: its cool
  • Guest: /unban pHqghUme
  • EveretWright: Ripped from my mother's womb. Beaten and burned, I become a blood thirsty killer...It's Iron
  • Jfrias2008: Hi
  • Guest: At sport he's only a beginner but cooked he makes a tasty dinner - clue: answer is a mammal or reptile.
  • Innocuous: Front page is now a one word answer
  • Phil Peterson: annyeonghaseyo!!
  • WackyDuck: Hey everyone hows it going?
  • Phil Peterson: ohh heyyyyy
  • Phil Peterson: im doin gr8
  • Riddlewot: Hello everyone
  • Guest: Has anyone got this yet? It is apparently a children's riddle but no-one I know has got it yet. I don't know it either. "At sport he's only a beginner but cooked he makes a tasty dinner" - clue: answer is a mammal or reptile.
  • sterlingredd: armadillo
  • sterlingredd: speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with wind. What am I?
  • WillyWonka: Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” And at the same time, his long bony body rose up out of the bed and his bowl of soup went flying into the face of Grandma Josephine, and in one fantastic leap, this old fellow of ninety-six and a half, who hadn’t been out of bed these last twenty years, jumped on to the floor and started doing a dance of victory in his pajamas
  • Phil Peterson: heyyyyy💜💜💜
  • Phil Peterson: does anyone know wonho😏
  • ShadowHaze: May be remembering wrong, but at one point wasn't there an android app being made for the site? That still a thing or idea? Been quite a while since I've been around here.
  • ShadowHaze: Also nice. First riddle after coming back makes my 500th
  • ShadowHaze: Supposedly
  • ShadowHaze: Also not sure the logic behind this. But when I go to my messages, apparently I sent a message to someone 5 years ago. But when I go to my profile, It says I only joined 2 years ago. Something isn't adding up lol
  • Riddlewot: Not sure about the messages. The entire website code was overhauled so might be a bug or incorrect time stamp.
  • Riddlewot: The app has been abandoned. I believe it might still be on the App Store but I couldn’t tell you if it even still functions
  • ShadowHaze: Why do some riddles not have any option to guess and only give you a button for revealing the answer?
  • Riddlewot: If the answer is a long sentence that happens as there is no way people could try and guess that.
  • ShadowHaze: That makes sense. But I keep finding ones where the anwer itself is short, but then with the answer they also provide an explination. Is it possible to suggest adding a separate box that can be filled in for an optional explination? So the answer can be just the answer. Explination would only show up after revealing or correctly guessing the answer.
  • Guest: hello
  • Guest: hello
  • Shmoop: smello!
  • Guest: Which of these words does not have the same thing in common. TRAVEL,CLOVER,PROPER,PEOPLE,SWINE,FEWER
  • Innocuous: People
  • Innocuous: I think anyways
  • ???: Geetings, humans. Riddle me this; In shadows I linger, elusive and fleet, A whisper in darkness, a secret to keep. A master of stealth, unseen in the night, Guess my true nature, hidden from sight.
  • ???: My answer's a question, its clean and comfine, and you'll never will if your filth doesn't mind.
  • ???: *win
  • ???: I've said my hello's, and now its your turn; my name won't come out if this wood doesn't burn.
  • ???: I asked you a question, you did not pay mind. The answer to yours my dear friends, is swine.
  • ???: Did not mean to sound rude, I am sorry for that. My name is revealed, my answer is that.
  • ???: Don't be shy now, say hello!
  • Riddlewot: hello
  • kordHell: hello everyone
  • Guest: hello
  • Guest: If all Wibbles are Criggles, all Borkins are Kwumblins, no Hoggles are Borkins, and all Criggles are Borkins, is it true that all Borkins are Criggles? Can u sole this? ( I will know if you look it up)
  • Guest: Well?
  • Sophie Raven: Don't be shy!
  • Sophie Raven: I'm a paradox in nature, a fleeting mystery in the night. I'm the echo of silence, I'm born in the cosmos, yet I dwell in your mind. What am I, elusive and undefined?
  • Sophie Raven: can anyone solve this
  • SirRiddleLot: guest, that riddle is not solvable unless I'm missing somethig
  • Guest: hi
  • Innocuous: The current FP had a redundant space character in front of the first word (article actually). This has been corrected.
  • Innocuous: It is still a two word riddle as submitted. Hint: the format is space
  • Innocuous: didn't complete my prior statement. The format is indefinite article, space, and answer
  • Innocuous: and answer is not the answer D
  • Riddlewot: Thanks mate!
  • Innocuous: No worries!
  • SophieR: Hi
  • SophieR: Two fathers and two sons go fishing. Each of them catches one fish each. So, why do they bring home only three fish?
  • RiddleKitten : one is a grandfather one is a father and one is a son
  • RiddleKitten : so the father is a son and a father the grandfather is a father and the son is the son
  • RiddleKitten : that makes 2 fathers and 2 sons
  • RiddleKitten : hi riddlewot
  • RiddleKitten : Don't be shy now say hello
  • RiddleKitten : !
  • Riddlewot: hi
  • RiddleKitten : guest, I know the answer! (If all Wibbles are Criggles, all Borkins are Kwumblins, no Hoggles are Borkins, and all Criggles are Borkins, is it true that all Borkins are Criggles?) NOPE!
  • Guest: Does anyone know a riddle where the answer is Family?
  • RiddleKitten : To some a source of trust and love, To others, ball and chain, For me some go beyond, above, While others but complain. For I'm a thing you cannot choose, You're stuck with what you've got, But I'm a thing that one can lose, For granted, take me not. The leaves, the branch, the roots, the seed, The living crimson flow, As each of them their lives they lead, Forever shall I grow. Is a riddle was answer is family. 🙂
  • RiddleKitten : Don't be shy now say hello!
  • Riddlewot: hello
  • Phil Peterson: who here is an ARMY!???



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