Getting Started

Feeling confused..... what the heck is Riddlewot?

What is Riddlewot?

Riddlewot is a website that posts a new front page riddle daily, whoever is able to correctly answer that riddle gains the right to post their own. While the main objective is to solve the front page riddle, there is also thousands of other previously submitted riddles for you to solve.

How do I post a riddle?

Submitting a riddle is easy, all you need to do is correctly answer the front page riddle

What are badges?

Badges are essentially milestones that are awarded for completing certain tasks while on Riddlewot

Can I find Riddlewot on Facebook?

Why yes, yes you can! You can help support Riddlewot by liking our Facebook Page

How do I reset my password?

Simply click the "forgot password" link on the login page, otherwise you can click here

What information about me is stored?

The only personal information stored is the username and email address supplied during account creation. Passwords are encrypted using 256-bit encryption, user IP addresses are not stored. Riddlewot does use cookies that store encrypted information on your computer for the purpose of persistent login sessions.

How do I contact support?

Have a general query or just want to say hello? Send us an email via hello [@] riddlewot [.] com