A man told his son that he would give him $1000 if he could accomplish the following task. The father gave his son ten envelopes and a thousand dollars, all in one dollar bills. He told his son, "Place the money in the envelopes in such a manner that no matter what number of dollars I ask for, you can give me one or more of the envelopes, containing the exact amount I asked for without having to open any of the envelopes. If you can do this, you will keep the $1000." When the father asked for a sum of money, the son was able to give him envelopes containing the exact amount of money asked for. How did the son distribute the money among the ten envelopes?

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sterlingredd 8 months ago
Envelope 1: 1 dollar Envelope 2: 2 dollars Envelope 3: 4 dollars Envelope 4: 8 dollars Envelope 5: 16 dollars Envelope 6: 32 dollars Envelope 7: 64 dollars Envelope 8: 128 dollars Envelope 9: 256 dollars Envelope 10: 512 dollars

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Guest 1 year ago
good riddle, has a real answer, don't give up

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