Submitted 12 hours ago by TheRiddl3r

I'm simple for a few people, but hard for them to hear. I live inside secrets. I bring people's worst fears. What am i?

Submitted 1 day ago by TheRaven

Give Give Give Give range aboons pic oung I go up when it rains, I come down when its dry People count with me and th Everything can be given plenty of except me I am the beginning but not the end unless there is...

Submitted 2 days ago by dwasifar

Who can remember their play, Or what the comedians say? I don't know, do you? But you remember, who Was on this spot as of that day.

Submitted 3 days ago by TheRiddl3r

A bounteous gift thieves lift, Builds kingdoms tall, Can lead to a man's downfall

Submitted 4 days ago by TheRiddl3r

I have branches, but no fruit, trunk, or leaves. What am I?

Submitted 1 week ago by TheRiddl3r

Jagged like rocks, Shiny like gold, In underground caves They're a sight to behold

Submitted 1 week ago by TheRiddl3r

Once twas a habit of pleasure, For man to take up at his leisure. But now he has started, He cannot outsmart it. Not now that hes taken its measure.

Submitted 2 weeks ago by TheRiddl3r

A magnate was stricken with grief By the act of a comical thief. He created a lair, And through night labors there, Gained abilities beyond belief.

Submitted 2 weeks ago by TheRaven

I can move, but only if I have a driver. Or people can ride me. People can build things out of the middle of me. They can look very realistic. Or they can be something out of science fiction! The last part is a ...

Submitted 3 weeks ago by ruth

What English word has three consecutive double letters?