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Dilly do Dilly went into town. He went up the alleys in search of a crown. Bless him, Dear Dilly! We thought he was dead! But he's a-bounding with our brother on his head. What are we?

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cacciato chevrons chevrons billygoa tiarasss drawings bowlings asdaasfd sunshine redballs beercaps bounceof raymanss bounties birdnest baseball goalpost weeehaaa wooohooo wooohooo wooohooo wooohooo wooohooo wooohooo wooohooo soccerba dillyppl candyman cavities chowchow cavalier caracals cachalot copycats children confused customer califlow jojlihih shoulder daffodil rocksduh peopless skylande plumbers panthurs criminal customer bowlings budlight daisyies traveler reindeer reporter dentists beehives bananana anartist dinosaur armchair shadowss
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