Today's riddle consists of 6 characters and was created by riddler;)

I can scare children with no reason and in some seasons I am quite fleeting (TIP; You, but not you)


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[10:01] magico: Can someone Help me with this riddle A farmer had 3 horses: Buck, Stoney and Bullseye, what was the farmers name

[04:04] aedank.: What has life before death, age before youth, marriage before meeting, and children before pregnancy?

[04:05] aedank.: 10 characters

[05:30] GoaCDtTd:

[05:30] GoaCDtTd:

[05:31] GoaCDtTd:

[05:31] GoaCDtTd:

[05:31] GoaCDtTd:

[05:31] GoaCDtTd:

[05:31] GoaCDtTd:

[05:31] GoaCDtTd:

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[05:31] GoaCDtTd:

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[09:05] riddler;): y'all are pretty dumb ngl

[09:06] riddler;): todays riddle is really simple

[09:06] riddler;): todays riddle is really simple

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[03:04] Innocuous: I don't know why that happened, Internet magic I presume. Check your PM about your submitted riddle.

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