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12 September 2020
9 September 2020

In this film, the main character's manic. He puts timid folk in a panic. When they're caught with a flat, He promises that He'll call a satanic mechanic. (2 words)

There once was a man who earned much, By rapping and rhyming and such. He'd do an odd dance, And he'd wear his odd pants, And tell you what you couldn't touch.

A towering, powerful ship; Its commander was named for his grip. Out the hatchway he stepped, Down a ladder he leapt, On history's most famous trip.

This man was once forced to confess To a case of illicit caress. It would not have been solved If it hadn't involved His address and a dress and a mess.

A strange little man with long nose Causes havoc wherever he goes. He once was a slave Until somebody gave Him a dirty old piece of his hose.

A powerful man who looked tired Once made all the people quite ired. He plotted a crime, Didn't hide it in time, And then quit to avoid being fired.

A diminutive man who could move Wrote songs that made everyone groove. He loved things in purple There's no rhyme for purple And with ladies he was super smoove.

There once was a maiden so fair, When she sang, no one else could compare. She spent time beyond measure In a cavern of treasure, Running a fork through her hair.

A diminutive chap from the west Was invited to go on a quest. When he got in a bind, He escaped with his mind, 'cos his riddling skills were the best.

The orchestra played, and oh, how I danced! All my attendants were fully entranced. Now it's all over, but still I await That which is fitting to decide my fate.