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12 September 2020
9 September 2020

A man, working nearly alone, Realized things previously unknown. He acquired great fame, Everyone knew his name, And so everyone learned of a stone.

I flew to the kiddies and back, Sharing horrors I brought in a sack. I'm tall and I'm thin, With a frightening grin. If you don't know me, you don't know jack.

I am an ephemeral art Done singly or multi-part. I reach young and old, And the stories I've told Touch the soul and the mind and the heart.

This ancient technology dares To solidify mineral squares. It could be on your street, Or under your feet, And sometimes you can find it on stairs.

This ancient technology dares To mold liquid rock into squares. It might be on your street, Or under your feet, And sometimes it's even on stairs.

A couple, both recently dead, Regard their new roommates with dread. When they summon an imp, The rascal won't skimp, As he drives them all out of their head.

What kind of message comes in a can?

In old age, pathologically shy, But in youth, I was well known to fly. Made a huge plane of wood, In the hangar it stood, While I hid to wither and die. (2 words)

A cowboy found he was offended When a confident spaceman descended. But when things got extreme, They both worked as a team, And were best buddies when the tale ended. (2 words)

A villain in blackness was wreathed, Black as his anger that seethed. He was known for his force, And his voice deep and hoarse, And the sounds that he made when he breathed. (2 words)