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1 March 2021
27 February 2021

Half of these ladies are male.

Who can remember their play, Or what the comedians say? I don't know, do you? But you remember, who Was on this spot as of that day.

This famous man thought he could pass All manner of nonsense and sass. But the people decided That he was misguided And he's been kicked out on his... ear.

My many teeth jut out before me, They're sharp; if they catch you, it's gory. I roar and they move, And they chew out a groove, As I take down your tall victims for ye.

On his show, lucky kiddies could win, With a bucket to toss a ball in. If you were the chosen When the arrows were frozen, You'd come down and give it a spin.

This weird little man full of quirks Lured in children by promising perks. He showed them his place, And let them stuff their face, In an effort to weed out the jerks.

This little box carried your sound While you rode or strolled or jogged around. It was seen everywhere, From L.A. to Times Square, But these days it is quite seldom found.

I soar through the dark icy sky, In search of your children I fly. I creep into your house, While you doze with your spouse, And steal away when dawn draws nigh.

On a bridge in a circle is where This Canadian sat in his chair. He met friends and foes, Went where nobody goes, And hoped no one noticed his hair.

Unexpected, I get up to eat, Though I stumble a bit on my feet. If you don't see me, You'll probably feed me, And my manners are not very neat.