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I wear the cloth when the sun is up but lose it when it descends. I wear it at my waist when the life of a celebrated person ends.

The sports competitor wants some of these that are full, on their way to try for one of these that is empty.

This old coin is worth very little and is very small - perhaps because it is an object seen at a great distance.

Where does a knight store his armour?

With only five notes that it can make, you may hear this in times of morning or in times of mourning.

I am removed from my flesh, put through the fire, pulverized, and scalded. Every day people demand my bathwater.

An outdoorsman, a captain, and a mathematician were each asked to bring this one thing. When they came together, they found themselves with three different things! What was it?

My [_ _ _] [ _ _ _] only the finest foods ever since he developed a sophisticated [ _ _ _ _ _ _].

I'm a thief, hard to notice, and leave some for dead. I steal what you need; my calling card is red.

I'm a soft cloud that wanders the deep, with bolts of lightning which trail beneath. If one should strike you upon the skin, seek first aid and antihistamine.