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Alone I am 13, with a friend I am 2000, with another it makes me think....

If you like Netflix you might know my name, I liked blood. I also owned a laboratory. I was created by tartakovsky and/or CBS. I can be based on a book or on a college project. What's my name?

I like things that help People, How do you know? Once upon a time steve made jobs. Not any jobs. Electrical work.

The student's servant, the thing that travels from place to place. Without it, you would have no knowledge, and you would never make it to college. It hugs you everyday and always has your back.

I can be breaking, I can be new. They sometimes call me North, East, West, South. I'm all around the world. If you want to know whats going on, you go to me. I have names such as 12 and 7. What am I?

You could build a house or even a castle, but don't go out at night or it could be a hassle. If you are building and you hear something hissing, make you sure you run or it might not be fun. You could build a portal...

Without me you would die. With me you might cry. If I break there are 5 steps to take, if you want me to heal. I supply cargo to thousands of vessels and even to people with huge muscles.

I have neck but it can't turn, I have a head but it can't learn. My body is harder than skin but softer than rock. I make beautiful sounds but I can't talk.

One day I dreamnt a thing or two. I dreamnt that two different things would be the same for you. I spoke a specific speech, and marched on a specific street. My name you most likely know, a day in the month I've got...

The students' best friend. The ultimate encyclopedia. You definitely know my name, you use me all the time. Many mathematicians know my name, but for a different reason. I am the ultimate engine for when you need ...