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im not good at riddles

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There are two parts of me. Careful now, smell my first half carefully. Don't get careless, prick! My second half, remember my name. I made the Christian god! What, you want all of me? Put it in your stew.

I am the place where a doughnut is a coffee mug, and people dream about bottles that can't exist on earth.

I'm the outstanding part of your day, party, or for some people, your face. If I'm a verb I mark important words, or lift your face and open your eyes.

My name means exactly what is says. You have to push to get me or cut open my house and grab me. I am loved by my house and my houses neighbour.

If you see me, you might hate it or love it or somewhere in between. Either way, you see yourself in me.

I'm tightly coiled and you usually stretch me out or push me down the stairs.

It would take 2640 people standing one by one to make me. Well, as long as they all could wear 2 shoes.

I start out green, hard, and radioactive. Give me some time, though, and you might even want to eat me! What am I?

I'm of many colors, but only one shape. I'm made for children and not for rabbits, although they use rabbits to showcase me. What am I?

I get told what to do, what to say, what to feel. I kindly comply, I'm lucky to be doing this. What am I?