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About Me

Solve me this riddle, and PM me the answer for a pat on the back: I sit in the sun keeping the heat at bay, for the creatures near me need a place to stay, when the sun is down I crack and split, for I am pulled back and forth no matter what I wish.

Activity Log

Rejected by my friends, and pulled along by what I try to escape from, what am I?

My pointed tips I stick in the ground, releasing power then grinding and breaking a spear tip through your chest. What am I?

I hold the moon, I hold the stars, I am the universe, what am I?

I have a face but have no eyes, and you only need feed me once every 10 years. What am I?

A gagging sound across the canyon a chilling silence for I reflect you. What am I

Inheritance will have its stand as elves leap along, Those who stand in bright scales way will pass away too fast. What am I?

I seek blood, following a trail of greatness, no matter how big or small death is my goal, terror is in my grasp, and power is made of me. What am I?

I contain your imaginations fruits, and the hard work of your fantasies, when the knights and wizards of fiction fail, I am your best storyteller. What am I?

My want for blood gives power, and like ice I am fire, an opposite of Arthurs Sword I have a want for battle. What am I?

I am as dead as a lifeless body floating in a pool of despair, if you join me I will suck away your soul, a lifeless heap of flesh, but if you overcome me I can grant you Achilles's ability, you harden so nothing ...