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Solve me this riddle, and PM me the answer for a pat on the back: I sit in the sun keeping the heat at bay, for the creatures near me need a place to stay, when the sun is down I crack and split, for I am pulled back and forth no matter what I wish.

Activity Log

This simple process, is used far in wide, in fictional universes where they are very hard to hide. The tingling sensation, and then time slows down, the slow death is ground to a halt, and your body turns the color of ...

You can find me underneath a tree, or maybe where you've settled, but never when your on the go, or when the wind of change begins to blow.

I hide in the dark, and if you hear me coming you should hark, for inside my body I have no heart, and my love and I shall leave you lifeless, in the dark.

Breath saves, but not in this case as I bury my pain in your chest. So many people did I bring down through my life, and then I was forced away, exiled and for good reason. (2 words).

Sweet salty, covers your tongue, crunch crunch, but the taste is still there. Many colors many tastes, and many things, but the substance is almost always there.

I carry the fruits of work, years of slaving away for the want of a place where you can hide away. If you live in my world you might just be dead, although your life will mean more than most lead.

I am a lens through which some view the world, correcting their sight to others goals. You could choose to live without me, but without me your death may come sooner than you think.

I am a river of dawn collapsing over the hills. I wave and twist and spread my arms. Those who know me have seen my beauty though I render them blind. What am I?

A burning flash, my tears fly across the sky, another exit from this house, and once again my body grows cold. What am I? (single word).

I will stick to you like glue but will be bendy as the breeze and when you break me I will cease to be. What am I?