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If you are vain, say his name 3x and he will appear don't chip your tooth on a Jolly Rancher.

If one of Batman's clowns was a democrat, Eddie Murphy would agree that he was what?

What a ffine mess I have got myself in, it must be because I worked a 7 b2 hour night shift this week. Ncqu je pgijbe je kmgqu nmidex wter fze azcf

Black's Husband Died and went to the pearly gates to meet his maker. How did he die?

A car, a forest, a state, and stuffed animal all have what in common?

Do the ? a window to your soul missing a letter

You can say it, break it, write it, reveal it, in reality or fantasy what is it?

If you consume me, sooner than later you will make your maker. I am not needed by people who have enough wealth to have me. I am possessed by the homeless and the poor. What am I?

I once was treasure hunting in the woods. I came upon a man that had a pack on and it was open. He motioned to the right of him to his friend that was laying there on the ground dead, who also had a pack on him, however...

Well, Well, I feel like I might be in "Hell" Torrisi, Motto, Valentino, Hazel, Oakley Perhaps a nickname for the "devil" of this "hell" and something measurable.