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I'm the bottom part of a certain column, and the vestigial remains of something that was there long ago; but I'm still useful to you.

I can be up, I can be down, I can be very strange indeed. I'm named after something ordered for a certain Mr Mark - but he only tried three of my six flavours.

I'm a sophisticated system for harnessing the energy produced by nuclear reactions. I'm biggest in China, but there might be one close to you too. What am I? [non-plural form]

I'm something you play, but to make a play on words, I could also be peas in a play.

I'm a heraldic symbol, an energy company, an occasional tailbone and a military insignia.

There is a mark that is used a lot / It's purpose is to make things clear / Alas most folk will notice not / If its wrongly used there when its needed here.

My brains are mostly in my arms, three hearts beat strong, my blood is blue; But I'm a thing that's here on earth, not alien (as it may seem to you)

I'm named after silver mountains that don't exist, and the part of me that contains glaciers is called 'land of fire'. What country am I?

Cut me in half and I'll double in length [two words]

I travel slowly on five, I travel fast on two, and I can fight on one.