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A line of boxers and a pirate.

An ancient banquet sees the middle person lose his balance and land head-first. He only gained a single red bruise from that fall, but now there's many of them when he grew old.

Twice, you get my brother, convicted and held captive as a traitor. Once, you get I, cornered and held captive by several nations.

I am edible. The bones I leave become crafts of cloth and clay. What am I?

They enjoy company with both one-time merchants and clients alike. If they leave these two and head to the plains, they are militias in the front line. What are they called?

The gate stands there with two doors closed. But once you replace the doors with kings, you get a _____.

A house of rare wood was set on fire, but burning it was not considered arson. As it slowly burned down, smoke rose out of it, yet it smelled soothing.

End with a vowel or end with a consonant, it remains edible. But end with a different vowel, it becomes sticky. Follow that with another consonant, and you get faint colors.

What begins as a guiding force of youth ends as a study of innovation. When these two points are linked, it forms an enclosure. [Singular]

Look to your right and you'll see a pond with lilies. A net hovers above it, with harpoons pointing outward. If the harpoons point inward, where do they point to?