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Nothin much to see here. If you want, you can follow my shitty account on iFunny. (hint: It's the same as my username) Meh.

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I'll take you anywhere if you have enough of me, but if you put me in you, you won't go far.

I'm what you'll smell in the morning and I'll stay on you if you're not careful enough.

What do you frequently receive and return, but never do you borrow?

What is the last thing that goes through a moth's mind as it hits a windshield? (2 word synonym)

If you hear me speak, I'll only say the one and nothing more.

I am dyed a solid color and wrapped in a pattern. I hate people who do it themselves, especially for others. I can be stereotypically rude and am vocal about it when confronted, but you can find your way with me, and you...

I'll always be on top of you, but you'll never be able to see me.

If you find different ways to make me, you'll be closer to finding what I'm all about. I can deceive you, so be careful when you make me, or you will destroy me. [hint: intersect]

I only count when three canines are in the nighttime, but I am the most solitary of all. I am worse than accompanying another.

I'm one that sets you as straight as train tracks, but I usually take a couple years to do my job. I am a sort of a competition within your utterances.