In any cop chase, train jump, fairytale, or bigfish story, it's where all the action is?


After parting from the world we know, and dying even though we said, the sickness spread, and health is gone, and now this bond is surely dead. What do we do?


What fish do dogs love to chase?


Until I am measured, I am not known, yet how you miss me when I have flown


I drift forever with the current down these long canals they’ve made, Tame, yet wild, I run elusive Multitasking to your aid. Before I came, the world was darker, colder, sometimes, rougher, true But though I might make living easy, I’m good at killing people too


We hurt without moving and poison without touching. We bear truth and lies but are no judged by size. What are we?


What kind of ship has two mates but no captain?


I have an eye, but I can't see. You'll run for shelter when you notice me


My first is in chocolate but not in ham. My second is in cake and also in jam. My third at tea-time is easily found. Altogether, this is a friend who is often around. What is it?


You can swallow me, but I can consume you too. What am I?


Tiny beast of love devoid Stalking kill will group avoid Of my body, I make my home. A place where guests wish not to roam.


Some will use me, while others will not, some have remembered, while others have forgot. For profit or gain, I'm used expertly, but do not forget and toss me into the sea, thereby putting your life to waste. Can you unravel my rhyme?
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