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A wee bit of cloth For folks from up north Lined up and across And beneath, some wear nought.

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My stories are gory and creepy, And sometimes can be rather weepy. My writing is strong, But it goes on so long, When you're done reading, you'll be quite sleepy. (2 words)

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Almost every bedroom has one, but it disappears if you wash it. What is it?

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A bird that speaks over the door, A heart that beats under the floor. When you read my stories, You'll encounter these glories, And delight in unspeakable gore.

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When I sleep I stand up and when I run I lay down. What am I?

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A man danced like he was in space, And appeared to have altered his race. When people asked why He was so very shy It was plain as the nose on his face. (Name and initial)

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Rubber, glass, rock, and flame, These are the things which make our name. And we use our new ability, Righting wrongs with great facility.

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A fat man, his children and wife, And their baby make shows of their life. The dog talks and drives, And the household survives All manner of humorous strife. (2 words)

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These musical men, it is said, Create beats that would wake up the dead. But in each club and bar, No one sees who they are, Due to costumes that cover their head. (2 words)

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I just moved to a new country. It has long winters, little land and everything is expensive, but the flag is a big plus. What country am I in?