From what show is the character "James Doakes"?

When did the TV show Rick and Morty first air on Adult Swim?

In the Netflix show, Stranger Things, what song would Will sing to himself as he was missing?

What is the name of the "Flash" and "Arrow" spinoff featuring a team of characters that have appeared on both shows?

When Donkey Kong died in the "Donkey Kong Country" episode "It's a Wonderful Life", who was his guardian angel?

In DuckTales, what is the name of the city where all the main characters live?

Out of the 3 Tots in Tots TV, who speaks French in the UK Version and Spanish in the US Version?

In Supernatural, what's is Sam's brothers name?

The theme for the popular science fiction series "Doctor Who" was composed by who?

What NBC sitcom once saw two of its characters try to pitch NBC on a sitcom about nothing?