In the Batman comics, by what other name is the villain Dr. Jonathan Crane known?

What is the real hair colour of the mainstream comic book version (Earth-616) of Daredevil?

What is the real name of the "Master Of Magnetism" Magneto?

In the webcomic "Ava's Demon", what sin is "Nevy Nervine" based off of?

This Marvel superhero is often called "The man without fear".

What is the alter-ego of the DC comics character "Superman"?

In Marvel Comics, Taurus is the founder and leader of which criminal organization?

In the DC Comics 2016 reboot, Rebirth, which speedster escaped from the Speed Force after he had been erased from existance?

Which universe crossover was introduced in the "Sonic the Hedgehog" comic issue #247?

The main six year old protagonist in Calvin and Hobbes is named after what theologian?