Benny, Brain, Fancy-Fancy, Spook and Choo-Choo were known associates of what Hanna Barbera cartoon character?

What is Scooby-Doo's real name?

In the show "Steven Universe", who are the main two employees of The Big Donut?

What was the name of Jonny's pet dog in The Adventures of Jonny Quest?

What was the first Disney movie to use CGI?

Butters Stotch, Pip Pirrup, and Wendy Testaburger are all characters in which long running animated TV series?

Which singer provided the voice of Metroid's Mother Brain in the animated series "Captain N: The Game Master"?

Which of the following is not a Flintstones character?

In "Gravity Falls", what does Quentin Trembley do when he is driven out from the White House?

Which of the following films was Don Bluth both the writer, director, and producer for?