The board game Monopoly takes its street names from which real American city?

In "Magic: The Gathering", during the design for Planar Chaos, what color did the developers think of adding in as the sixth color?

Which card is on the cover of the Beta rulebook of "Magic: The Gathering"?

What is the most challenging monster in the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Monster Manual?

In Magic: The Gathering, which of the following was the first publicly released foil card?

What is the world's oldest board game?

In Yu-Gi-Oh, how does a player perform an Xyz Summon?

Which ability from the "Magic: The Gathering" Scars of Mirrodin expansion involves having at least three artifacts in play?

How many spaces are there on a standard Monopoly board?

The board game "Monopoly" is a variation of what board game?