Want to unlock all the features of riddlewot straight away? We have good news, our starter pack is just what you might be after!

What's included in the riddlewot starter pack?

  • Auto reveal hints which reveals the first letter of all riddles at no cost (worth 4,500 riddlewot coins)
  • Disable ads, which removes all forms of advertising from the site (worth 5,000 riddlewot coins)
  • 5 riddle unlock keys, which allow you to reveal the answer to any riddle (worth 7,500 riddlewot coins)
  • Privacy mode, which allows you to appear offline while using riddlewot
  • 100 riddlewot slot spins will be added to your account
  • 5,000 riddlewot coins added to your account to spend as you wish!
  • Access to unique VIP profile avatars
  • Exclusive downloadable Riddlewot PDF file with over 1200 riddles
  • All this for only $1.99 AUD!