As one, I am small. As many, we are large. If one of us is missing, he's lost his charge.

3 years ago
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Hotels, Bovines, a Biblical person, and a ceremony: what do they have in common?
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The mesh of this earth. An interconnective web from which all life has bloomed. It contains galactic knowledge, and sprouts through the dew. It opens it's cap, and rains down, it pours. So we human beings find them ...
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The more of this there is, the less you see. What is it?
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You get eaten after you've eaten me. What am I?
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This rock group of four, chiseled away day and night to get their band perfectly right. Granite, they were all very good in their own right, but none of them could sing, try as they might.
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I am of royalty sitting up on my throne among the stars is where I roam I am the fairest of them all the most gorgeous you've ever saw I've made my mark in the dark and even in works of art
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Mix me up and make me a cake or pitch me a ball if you get me right then from the stands you can call
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Take away one letter at a time and you can always make a word. Take four at once and you LOSE. Leave all the letters there and you'll rue it.


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