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Play with your food: a skewer for your ice cream drink.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 3 / 103
Incorrect Guesses
miniumbrell shishkabobs silverstraw shortbreads sugardaddys steamroller stakeholder swordsticks snickersbar sandalwoods skinnystraw stripedstaw swedishfish skinnyspoon grahamcrack tablespoons silverwares silverspoon supersonics spoonflower snailflower saddlecloth sweetbreads steeplejack scissortail steelworker standpatter sandwichman sandblaster sandwiching strawflower spoonholder sugarsticks sugarhouses sugarcoated sugarbushes sugarloaves sugarberrie sanskritist sagittocyst strawspoons spoonstraws sprinklings swallowtail singlestick smoothiesha steelskewer snowberries silverberry salmonberry soapberries shadberries strawberrie shakesphere foodprocess screwdriver foodblender woodstirrer vanillabean milkshakess bloodydairy wafflecones strawberrys strawcherry splitbanana popsicycles dairyqueens creamsicals creamsicles sillystraws crazystraws picklespear strawsickle idonotknowq blueberries milkshaking paperstraws icecreamrod icecreamsti drinkstraws bendystraws

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was MiAmi727
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