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You use me. You never let me go. But if I'm lost you can go on without me. Not everyone has me. But those who do, know me. And while I may be used, they have no malicious intent. For they never knew what they had, until they lost it. I'm used to help them. To reassure them. And to make them feel something they've lost.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 14 / 1112
Incorrect Guesses
promise picture passion lipstic prayers emotion tissues shoelac wewewew weewewe hwehwee fingers telesco youtube phonesj privacy parents memorys dignity beliefs telefoo clothes compass plastic persona purpose planets opinion aedasds hosesss nothing telepho tactics forgive gravity loltnsn ghggyhf friends comfort secrets fantasy regrets handbag laughin flowers alcohol toothbr vechile frrrrrr hhhhhhh respect isududs answers concous conscou conscio passpor luggage hearing washroo watchma virgini stories sadness excuses prudent fortune funeral pretend es partays pressur iphones padding panacea penalty placebo pension prowess partner patienc

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was MycelialMass
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