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Why are zombies better off than humans? (3 words)

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 6 / 641
Incorrect Guesses
theyaredeadd theypasshigh eatbrainsnow cantdieagain cantfeelpain theyaregreen humansareonn theyrenotonn cannotdiesss cuztheredead theyneverdie theyneverdei theydontfear gggggggggggg cannotstress theydontcare theydontwork cannotstarve theyarenottt theygetspoil theyeatbrain neednobrains dontneedfootheyneverdie causetheyeat theyarenoton theydontkill theydontlive nohumanbeing theydonotdie theyeatpeopl theyeathuman ilovepizzzza theyhavedied caneatbrains immortallity theyliveever theyaredeadr theyeatminds fuuuuuuuuuck braaaaaaains theycanotdie zombieseatus wearezombies theyarehuman ideandoutsid uelikehimins seesisjustbl everythinghe theboneypuns theydontneed aaaaaaaaaaaa humansralive havenobrains iswhatuk eatingbrains cuztheywilld theyarenices theycantfeel therearemore theyhavelife theyaredeath theyrworseon zombiesondie yandallnight blueandallda uywhosfeelin boutalittleg resthesotrya yolistenuphe noworriesbit noonehuntsit theyrebadonn thisqisstupi theydontfeel deathlessnes morefirendly friendlierus theylikeeach theyaresmart theydontgive lmkvbonjkfhi

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was kevinm
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