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Unlike other rulers I am strengthened by neglect. Over my jurisdiction, great taxes I elect. When routine dues are paid, I am weakened severely. Yet if too long delayed, it might cost you quite dearly. My vault is of the flesh, my tellers silver and bone. The upkeep of my kingdom is financed by a loan.

Number of correct answers vs guesses: 9 / 64
The first user to correctly answer this riddle was Sam1111
Incorrect Guesses
...... plaque plaque corode diseas diseas health debtss hadess health aheart muscle muscle prison saving health income hubris hearts health health healtg tyrant tyrann budget castle values equity dollar broker credit debits elders school lender loaner lawyer broker empire lender houses hentis anuity credit credit stocks market hopess horror hacked hacker habits ertyhu hamilt hirosh hitler stomac dtrump dtrump dental heaven
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