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If A = 5, B = 1 and V = 11 what does 35 40 7 30 15 65 spell?

Number of correct answers vs guesses: 19 / 6550
The first user to correctly answer this riddle was Riddlewot
Incorrect Guesses
vsauce vsauce airpor baliss ghosts aebavk number nothin mozley moyley moxley mowley movley mouley motley mosley morley moqley mopley mooley monley momley molley mokley mojley moiley mohley mogley mofley moeley modley mocley mobley mogley mosley mutley motley motley maaaaa malted macron mellow metric maths. maccaw master matter matrix maccas fdfdfg stupid answer riddle tfstos answer tffstf cattle hinter hiddin utulhf liquor
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