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I once was a person, but I've long since passed. My organs have been removed, and I'm all wrapped up. Some people believe I can come back to haunt you, despite the fact that I have long been deceased.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 32 / 789
Incorrect Guesses
ghost zombi spiri piano ghodt ghkdh camer death photo worms fears jbsbb howsy heart ggggg cadav skele hapoy money allegance ourselves matrimony matromony moneybill moneynote govermebt thedollar economics moneycash homosexua president cashmoney goverment addiction currensie thelights currencys theintern socialism selfs religions humankind christian destiny?? iluminati catholics moneyfkff bullt mummidust illuminat cantwakeu lizardmen messanger francisii wakemeup1 meatballs currenvuq currebfjd changchun fatherson spaghetti skeletons financial godoftime dankgreen destinies lordjesus americans kimjongun adeitylll onedollar capitalsm currenced mythought knowledge hillsongs sowhatisi conscious thespirit americass governmen

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was Hck
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