My first is in jousting and I have a steed
My second in warhorse and steward and brown
My third is in the Moon when it's not in the night
My fourth is an enchanter, but not in farsight
My fifth begins a noble deed
You can join at the end, if you heed.
Gather these together, then find if you're clever
The name of the great one who pulls us together.
Who am I related to?

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Guest 11 months ago
OOF. Your logic is off on this riddle. The letter A is neither in 'Jousting' or 'stone.' There is an H in 'enchanter AND 'farsigHt.' There is no U in 'a noble deed.' Or if you are referring to the ancient city-state of UR, I don't see it.

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Riddlewot 11 months ago
yeah I would agree. I'd say this was submitted a long time ago when we didn't moderate riddle submissions and the user has simply cut and pasted this from somewhere

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