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I come hollow. I am made of many. And I float through the sea. Im not not as clear as glass but you can see through me. What am I?

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 14 / 734
Incorrect Guesses
penumbra fisheggs plastics spyglass lokokoko iceblock jellyfis manofwar hydrozoa porpoise plankton seashell huhhuhuh jellysfi lifeboat seawater branches refelcti sryjdfvg seaglass merm promises phisalya physalia physalis plancton purpoise packring packyolk pulltabs psplastics sea hhhhhhhh phantoms jellyfih fishnets networks nettings nettling trawlnet pinniped sodaring plankter potatoes kappa123 pinkward waterlog asdasdas passions passages painting pufferfi bottlesh jelyfish bottless sea weed seaweeds seatrout trousers muckworm amethyst outdoors eyesores seahorse warnings emotions feelings chipsbag peephole crowsnet crownest computer steroids deadlift icebergs iceburge cnideria nonpolyp cnidaria airbubbl warcraft

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was benten1112
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