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I come hollow. I am made of many. And I float through the sea. Im not not as clear as glass but you can see through me. What am I?

Number of correct answers vs guesses: 13 / 733
The first user to correctly answer this riddle was benten1112
Incorrect Guesses
fisheggs plastics spyglass plastics lokokoko iceblock jellyfis manofwar hydrozoa manofwar plastics porpoise plankton jellyfis plastics seashell huhhuhuh jellyfis jellysfi lifeboat jellyfis seawater branches plankton refelcti jellyfis jellyfis plastics plastics sryjdfvg seashell plankton seaglass merm manofwar plastics promises seaglass phisalya physalia physalis physalia plancton plankton plastics plankton plankton purpoise packring packyolk pulltabs plastics plankton plankton plastics plankton plastics plankton plankton plankton psplastics
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