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I have wood but no bark, leaves that don't fall, I am made up of branches, and I come in sizes of all. I am completely devoured many times, over and over by a worm of a kind. If you desire to know the answer of mine, look for the secret that I've stored inside. What am I?

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 9 / 116
Incorrect Guesses
ghfkkvjgf bookshelf hellooooo branchess treehouse nfnjfjjdj jkgkgjkgk tablecgbb bookworms beeferoni zxczxczxc biobhjkhk toyboxish butjsifja qwertyuio humanitai composttt tbranches dictionar governmen bastardee bookcases esss blindworm sugarcane tallcatox pinecones librarian libraries fairytale bookshops testteste bookpages workshops pineapple bookwords bookcover librarium bookrests bookplate bookmaker bookmarks bookracks booklouse pinetrees evergreen paperback holowbook woodcrate genealogy termitess blueberry phamplets bookkeepe magazines wikipedia textbooks thesaurus imtoodumb weysrydtu treasures anoldbook palmtrees cupboards treeroots

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was AWESOMEHUMAN
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