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I come from the shore, but my journey does not end here, for I'll be washed, cleaned, layered and more; If I should survive to the end, I'll possess the knowledge of a 1000 men.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 15 / 1791
Incorrect Guesses
cod cay cat sea ore ice can car cog cob cia csi cis cig con cun cry chi cep ceo cel cee caw cap cam cad cab cwn cor cow cyp com cov coc cox coz coa cos cof coh coj cok col cop coi cou coy cot coe coq cem cen ceb cev cex cec cez cea ces ced cef ceg ceh cej cek cei ceu cey cet cer cew ceq cao cai cau cae caq cal cak caj cah

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