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A rash of roofing born from birds.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 9 / 94
Incorrect Guesses
birdnest bananas! crownest woodnest windsock windvane acompass arooster roosters weatherv feathers fixtures babybird thatches thaching thisisss harddddd thisisha scratchs roofdent clawmark nestings moisture whitenes pooppoop eggwhite chickens idontkno bluespot birdpoop idlllmhn ii000000 iagreepo hatching rentokil poopcent hvfgxgdh bird nestinga barnstor dropping parakeet canopies sharpens shirting ting thatchin helpmeee abcdefgg iridocic baconegg eggshell mudbrick thatched birdeggs nestling voyaging arorbfbs aaaaaaac aaaaaaab aaaaaaaa grabbagg wertyuio lighning jsngbrnj poooppoo hriirirr poooooop birdsnes bloodyhe flockbar treetops lolololo kingbob1

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was stellanauta
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