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Riddle answer consists of 10 characters

It can be a delightful food, or appear on a stoner's car.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 2 / 110
Incorrect Guesses
puddingcup peppermint portabella pademelons pennyworts pennyroyal pennycress pozzolanas posthumous postlaunch potpourris portobello potroastin potbellies poundcakes poppybread poppyseeds pepperonis paraquitos painkiller paddlefish pringlechi picklejuic popcornbal pizzaballs potatocris potatoskin pizzarolls pinstripes pizzabagel pizzacrust partridges persimmons paydaybars pastasalad peanutbutt pinocoloda pinocolada pinacolada pixiestyxs pixiestick pizzaslice peppercorn pulledpork provolones provisions progressos prunejuice peachvodka peanutmnms pumpkinpie pineapples preservers pistachios peachnehis punchbowls paddymelon potatochip sandwiches coffeegrin parapherna friedchick appleslice scorzonera vegetables fiddlehead lemongrass methaliman strawberry strawsssss hamburgurs spagghetis marijuanas rockcandie crystalmet sugarcooki delightful jeopardize fjddjdjdjd redcabbage sugarapple

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was striatulus
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