I do not obscure or hide from thee, just how easy it is to identify me.
So take a shot at this riddle if you can read,
for the answer well is obvious you see!
So ignore the anecdotes that I may say,
about how my meaning I oft bluntly display.
I might be brightly colored or obnoxiously loud.
It is in my very nature to stand out in a crowd.
So tell me great solver is it sufficiently apparent or did I make myself just a bit too transparent?


Incorrect Guesses
pooping silence pinnapl players cabbage silicon camoufl htdhthg visions floater consist paradox queries meaning flashes shadows answers herings riddles message warning herring glaring crystal blatant evident freddie darknes alcohol speaker officer pigeons apparen peoples tallman tallguy traffic auuuugh seahawk vehicle peacock culture adverts dancers lighten thieves balloon singers painter actress perform reflect hippies pidgeon trouble visible octopus monocle glasses rainbow protest windows sneaker
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