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If you have been this, you'll be looked at shamefully. If a representation of you has been this, you'll be looked at honorably.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 5 / 126
Incorrect Guesses
forged frugal famous failed forger friend faaaaa er father butler avatar folksy folded floral florid flawed flabby fitful fogged filmed fecund fickle feeble fuzzed frosty formal fought forced flukey fierce felled feledd fervid flusht coward aloser frauds hanged marine victim lawyer metals golden ed filthy streak hitler hggggg statue murder battry arrest robbry pintor mirror thieve deciet differ tarred riddle genius brainy sexual bitchy change twiste answer habits humane knight touche killer weaboo guilty danger kindly burden looked tender trendy driven

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was zacster2321
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