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Okay! you have 5 kids and your the mom and you gotta try to get them all into the car at once.....Tommy and Timmy are twins but they hate eachother so they cant go together and Sarah and Sally hate eachother too, so they cant go together and Max is gay so he can only sit by the guys and theres only 5 seats you have to put them in order going in the car and have them sit where they would be happy.......my friend made it up so its kinda weird

Riddle posted 3 years ago by TheRiddl3r

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Riddlewot Chat

12-09-22 @ 7:56am
Riddlewot: !bob Dylan

12-09-22 @ 7:56am
TheRiddl3r: Riddlewot is correct with the answer bob Dylan

12-09-22 @ 7:57am
TheRiddl3r: What was the most populous city in the Americas in 2015?

12-09-22 @ 7:57am
TheRiddl3r: Mexico City

12-09-22 @ 7:57am
TheRiddl3r: Los Angeles

12-09-22 @ 7:57am
TheRiddl3r: New York

12-09-22 @ 7:57am
TheRiddl3r: São Paulo

12-09-22 @ 7:57am
TheRiddl3r: To answer simply type !your answer

13-09-22 @ 7:57pm
Riddlewot: ohhhh look at that leaderboard! 2 users coming first

14-09-22 @ 11:27pm
cherry: hola, i am back

15-09-22 @ 7:05am
Riddlewot: Welcome back

17-09-22 @ 10:11am
guest0315: This website is amazing

17-09-22 @ 10:12am
guesta583: Where is everyone from?

19-09-22 @ 3:35pm
guestfe16: hi

20-09-22 @ 2:20am
gueste639: hi

20-09-22 @ 2:20am
gueste639: i need a riddle for "hexagon" as output

20-09-22 @ 2:20am
gueste639: plesase give some questions as fast as possible

20-09-22 @ 8:27am
guest1c7c: What is the answer to "What has a heard that does not beat?"

20-09-22 @ 8:27am
guest1c7c: heart*

20-09-22 @ 8:47am
Innocuous: valentine and artichoke comes to mind

21-09-22 @ 3:14am
guestbade: Artichoke says it's wrong but it's warmer.

21-09-22 @ 6:53am
Riddlewot: There was a typo, "artichoke" is the correct answer.

22-09-22 @ 6:17pm
guest000a: hi

23-09-22 @ 2:44am
guest53e0: Hi.

23-09-22 @ 6:07am
guestb384: hi

23-09-22 @ 6:26am
guestf011: In what year did the North American Video Game Crash occur?

26-09-22 @ 4:44pm
guest10a2: Yo anyone help ASAP?

26-09-22 @ 4:57pm
guest10a2: Trying to make a funny riddle to send to my cousin whose working currently. I want to relate it to wrath of the lich king classic release coming in like a week. I want him to gift me the Northrend Heroic upgrade but comedically shame him into potentially buying the Northrend Epic Upgraded that additionally comes with some cool cosmetics/mounts and also 30 days game time ($15 value) . We are in our 30's. This is mostly a joke other than he makes legit 5x as much as I do per year and we joke about it often about how cheap he is to not buy everyone cars etc now that he big baller 100k RN for a city hospital ER. I wasn't sure how this site worked so I threw together some words and **** and was hoping it would put me in the right dir

01-10-22 @ 1:41am
ratsky: Hello.

01-10-22 @ 2:17am
guest3f67: your mom

01-10-22 @ 3:43am
ratsky: Unfortunately, my dad.

01-10-22 @ 6:33am
Riddlewot: Hi, congrats on being number 1!

01-10-22 @ 11:06am
ratsky: Thank you so much!

01-10-22 @ 11:08am
ratsky: l

01-10-22 @ 12:28pm
Riddlewot: Hey ratsky check your messages