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The more dishonest I am, the nosier I get.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 14 / 127
Incorrect Guesses
pinnochio wishingwe pinohccio pinniocio noseynose isksksksk president douchebag gsfhgdsff yeetyeety ooooooidk ssss ggggggggg thuiylugh aaaaaaah! polygraph yesehehee dishonest idkdzbbfs telephone pinochioh irhsdvkih rgiiehfdf gidsgisdh fruodhfpr hufrhfuhr irhfirhuf hufffrhuf hhhhhhhhh charcters character innocuous riddlewot umidkkkkk qwertyuio desassdfd lllllllll silencers silenceee eadfdssad mouth idksvcsjg sympathet uygf4redw punishmen bethanyyy yeetdsfaf sonograph liedetect culpables mentiroso s6xn9ne69 knxzsfgsh childeren childhood seatbelts phonnnnnn xcvbhnjmk vmbjkvhkv no7utujhy 556556464 myasshole ppppppppp gossippoo narcissis falsehood alarmcloc stopwatch innocious jfuhjbgjt daddyyyyy education mphtrhstr mumga ynicennej reigndeer idontknow ydfdfdfdf poopyuuuu pinnocico detective

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was Innocuous
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