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I keep you alive when you can't breathe and leave a mark that's lasts as long as you do.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 20 / 135
Incorrect Guesses
breathing corpseeee atmospher thedoctor willpower memerioes underpant unclejoke umbilicus tombstone headstone scubasuit scubagear bloodflow bloodvein heartbeat peacelove ambulance stupidity adrenalin anxieties pacemaker lungtrans lifeguard ironlungs scubatank catduckbe oxygenair suffocate pollution bellybutt birthmark ovkjbbhkk breathers dollhouse darkmater cameltoes jamesqwer aheyhfehy qwdqwdqwd banananan tubefdfbv impressio ihavenoid mommy tracheost defibulat lungs tracheoto urbanizer utilities ventilato fsbafswrd opopopopo lalalalal oxygenmas umbelical ewqeqeqwe aaaaaaaaa bloodvain ddddd umbilikus navelcord funiculus navelhole trachtube diaphragm oxygenato underwate footprint respirate bellycord uhg7f5s0p graveston nothingne carcinoge hydrodens nebulizer respirato spacesuit heartpump

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was Chang14759
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