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What is always the greatest number?

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 15 / 147
Incorrect Guesses
correct numbers infinit million greates mplus11 billion hundred 1999999 1111111 9999999 0000000 0000001 sixteen miltons minfint covfefe longest 6969696 largest biggest greater 6644221 wanting killing sanchez mysoull dollars charity unknown fourty2 elderly present waiting patient predict seconds minutes unprime 2932831 0100011 0011010 0101010 1726354 9999998 you 1234567 plusone melvill vrfnvjz dhvkidb fduudcd oneoneo infinty medians massive nothing number1 trilion figure8 factors divides sixtyni morphin infinte miniute fifteen maxamum minuend multipl maximus moments milions myhouse mystuff mmmmmmm bullion century 999999. 7777777

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was Speakingevil
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