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Apple I may not be,
But much alike, and free.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 7 / 173
Incorrect Guesses
samsung oranges bananas avocado apricot freebsd balloon windows gravity discord flowers friends talking seasons 1234567 knowled coconut idklolz yahyeet teacher verizon walmart macbook tmobile rewgrew htwhtew htrwhtr htrhtrh htwhtrw trwhtrw thrwtrw hrthtrh rhewgte grapesw hfhfgfg sexista apprize appears appeals alapino pineapp avacado ohwelll pinaapp efewafw boooooo amazons sdfsdfs appletv 7rfnuin bababba ggggggg fffffff ddddddd buthole avacoda avocodo acerola appless mozilla pearsss hearths idkidkk oxeyens ttttttt applebe produce veggies jumping orchard berries newtons thought treehou fvhajcj strawbe tomatoe pearasd looolll turnips grapesr

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was zbon
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