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I had a little pig that wasn't very big. So rather than make mince, I named him after a Danish prince. What was my little pig's name?

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 11 / 129
Incorrect Guesses
chrisp piglet wilber george gustav ingolf harald harhad henrik antone antoni pinkie bacons holger harold horsey philip hakkon danish danice horker hoerke hurunt horunt harunt hirunt henriq hubert andrew prince vbgxhc porkie pastry dennis idklel swince henric hotdog wiener weiner weinne billie porker piggie teacup damian pauper edward vience vincen bigger apulia felixx vicent hhhhhh piewee weepie peepie peewee dfssdf sdfsdf hellos cannot mincer ssssdf mancin wilbur minimu margar asdfsa haakon answer riddle athena pigboy

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was SCatomicbomb
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