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Time to go for a short ride. Make a few turns get started. Drop the slant at the end to get to the mountain. Take the tea and stop bearing that cross and you'll finally get to relax.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 12 / 128
Incorrect Guesses
chill right light jesus relax shark ships stars steel sound death horse steep sixty break india beach lifes sdfff sdfsd angle truck train mhkbm stear steer metal noooo snart steam enter entte ggggg xsdgd seeps small spuns drove drpve stere stlix split splix whore yeshe slick slitx slmtx skier scene skate vague skies santa solve poker vince being canon scone satan chris gjhgh urmum memes drive brown maket smoke catts whyyy sally slack savor claus sprin smile happy fuzzy clock watch

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was NERFTommy99
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