Riddle answer consists of 10 characters and was created by DizzyNDazed

In my web, woven with deceit,
A riddle I shall now repeat.
Eight-legged creature, beware what's in store,
Solve my enigma, or be my feast forevermore.
When moonlight dances upon the leaf's edge,
And dewdrops glisten, a shimmering pledge,
With a gentle touch, I'll set you free,
Escape my clutches, if you answer me:
I'm spun without touch, yet catch all in sight,
A mystifying creation, woven so tight.
What am I, dear prey, can you unveil?
Your fate hangs upon the answer you unveil.

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Guest 1 week ago
Spun without touch? Pretty certain they touch them the whole time...

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Guest 6 months ago
Well you say eight legged creature is spider but the anew is web so I be like?

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  • CaptainJack:long time no talk!
  • Guest:does anyone know the answer?
  • CaptainJack:hmmm I'm not sure... I think the last one was related to batman, so many a batman character??
  • CaptainJack:*maybe
  • Guest:"I take two steps in the morning, four in the afternoon, one in the evening. It's almost unknown to the old man, but it's simple to the little children"
  • Guest:shadow?
  • Riddlewot:eye of the storm makes more sens luffy than the actual answer the bot created lol.
  • Riddlewot:*sense
  • Guest:Hello!
  • Guest:.
  • Riddlewot:hi
  • Guest:When seated I appear When young I comfort When folded I hold When laying I disappear? I cant think of it.
  • Guest:LAP
  • Guest:potato
  • Guest:when does the riddle change?
  • Riddlewot:every 30 mins. open to suggestions though..
  • Guest:thanks for making the site
  • Riddlewot:you're most welcome. I realise it's a bit buggy and lacking features, but I will do my best to improve.
  • Guest:one suggestion: maybe a countdown to tge next puzzle.
  • Guest:cool stuff
  • Guest:***
  • Guest:Keep it up dude
  • Guest:Here's a hard one:
  • Guest:Here's a hard one:
  • Guest:"What is in my pocket?"
  • Guest:Are you still looking for the answer?
  • Guest:hi
  • Guest:Hi I have a riddle.
  • Guest:Your with me in this game I play, so ask your understood verse. I hear the everything you'll say, which quote did I rehearse?
  • Guest:Guarded by ice, a realm in chains, Where cold winds howl and vastness reigns A fortress not of stone, but frost, In tundra’s grip, where lines are crossed What is this chilly archipelago’s name?