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What does my opposite say? CTC GTT TAT CAT GGC

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 5 / 157
Incorrect Guesses
amino attic aattc gagca pvigg pivgg ggivp peter retep codon xxxxx gcagc gcatg acttg actgg actag scyth cactu lvyhg catag grruu olenu llyyr ryyll catac ghyvl equip eqivp wrong ttaag lvthg raulg tgsvx hello srtgb ggcjt whats strcn stuff ccgga atact tacta tctuy tctac atcat tccct tgaac gaatt gctgc ctttc gaged zodia efdce kkkkk idekp kjggk sylli illys anger ctagt dfddd yeeto blues green nnklg 54321 dwd27 nothi genes gacta gaaag asine arcti actta atoms aaaag stran block chain virus ccatt

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was moza935
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