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My dress is tranquil when I tread the earth, or dwell at home, or drift on the water. Sometimes my wings and this wide sky lift me over the dwellings of men, and then strong clouds carry me over the people. My ornaments echo loudly and melodiously, Illustriously sing when I am not near the earth and stream, a sailing spirit.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 9 / 135
Incorrect Guesses
soot song sail silk feet heat hart hurt wife home love hope dear bird life leaf wind snow ship echo soul wave mist surf soap sing salt star suns sand kite iron duck seed sage seal smog soil silt rain hail drop bell negr nigr jets loll midz hams lamp boat http hbit hobt bevr damn cnef dady rock sled tree mars moon help luna lord

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was mattamatic
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