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Shaped like a candy cane I can assure you I'm not for eating, although, you put me in your mouth, what am I?

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 14 / 786
Incorrect Guesses
shishas smoking smokepi sheesha lolypop cigaret pipeeee tobacco lolipop cornpip fairyfl pacifie toothpa fishook fishhoo spoonss sdsdsds denture pepperm toothbr fingers whistle utensil puttert cutlery riddlew jumping flosser spatula suction ejector scapula serpent strings sickles shepard suckers fishing scorpio tongues letterj dentist snowman snowmna hard is riddle this staffss staffes sepulcr bbbbbbb aaaaaaa hanging walking berries coconut wwwwwww ccccccc cornass cornhol candies asddddd lampost saaaaaa soowwii sevebsg sssssss sleighs staples walkaid peni samanth brownie numbers stupids qqwqwwe zzxzxzx zzzxzxz aaaasas asdasas

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